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  • All My Abilities Are Forbidden Spells

    Quan Min Zhuan Zhi: Wo De Jineng Quan Shi Jin Zhou ; All My Abilities Are Forbidden Spells ; Global Profession: All My Skills Are Forbidden Curses ; Job Transfer For All: My Skills Are All Forbidden Spells ; Profession Transfer: All of My Skills Is Forbidden Spells! ; Quán Mín Zhuǎn Zhí: Wǒ De Jìnéng Quán Shì Jìn Zhòu ; 全民转职:我的技能全是禁咒

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  • Last updated : Nov 05,2023 - 17:09 PM
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  • Genres : Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Manhua,
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All My Abilities Are Forbidden Spells summary:

Crossing to the other world with his soul, Lin Han arrived in an era where games and reality merged. There are countless dungeons, forbidden lands, and hidden realms where mighty monsters reign supreme!On the day of his class profession, Lin Han missed the opportunity to become a warrior, the class of his dreams! Unexpectedly, he awakened the unique hidden profession – Life Sacrificer – at a critical moment![Ding! Ten Thousandfold Amplification System Awakening!]Lin Han’s attributes increased by ten thousand times, and his basic skills all reached forbidden curses!In the name of a close-combat healer, during the moment of unlimited forbidden curse devastation!
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Chapter 11 6.9K Nov 05,23
Chapter 10 5.5K Nov 05,23
Chapter 9 5.4K Nov 05,23
Chapter 8 6.1K Nov 05,23
Chapter 7 6.1K Nov 05,23
Chapter 6 6.6K Nov 05,23
Chapter 5 13.1K Oct 03,23
Chapter 4 10.5K Oct 03,23
Chapter 3 17.6K Sep 28,23
Chapter 2 17K Sep 28,23
Chapter 1 20.4K Sep 28,23
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