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  • Reborn As A Big Mouth Flower

    Reborn As A Big Mouth Flower ;Devour It, Chomper; Infinite Devouring Flower; Reborn as a Big Mouth Flower; Renacido Como Una Flor De Boca Grande; Thôn Phệ Đi Đại Chủy Hoa; Trùng Sinh Thành Cây Gai, Ta Cắn Nuốt Mọi Thứ; Tūn Shì Ba Dà Zuǐ Huā; 吞噬吧大嘴花; Tun Shi Ba Da Zui Hua

  • Author(s) : 克蓝纪元葱匠 金花瓣漫画原作大赛 ,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Feb 11,2024 - 03:27 AM
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  • Genres : Manhua,
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  •   Mangakakalot rate : 4.6/ 5 - 58 votes

Reborn As A Big Mouth Flower summary:

A high school teenager, after dying, is reborn as a big-mouthed flower. Originally thinking he could bask in the sun, drink water, and lie down every day, he discover the danger of being a plant in the other world, at risk of being eaten by monsters or dug up by hunters for alchemical purposes. Luckily, he possess a "Flower" system that continuously assimilates the characteristics of other plants. He will try to evolve into a guardian celestial plant of the Giant Continent
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 14 4.7K Feb 11,24
Chapter 13 3.2K Feb 11,24
Chapter 12 3.2K Feb 11,24
Chapter 11 3.2K Feb 11,24
Chapter 10 3.3K Feb 11,24
Chapter 9 3.3K Feb 11,24
Chapter 8 3K Feb 11,24
Chapter 7 3.5K Feb 11,24
Chapter 6 3.7K Feb 11,24
Chapter 5 9.8K Dec 14,23
Chapter 4 7.4K Dec 14,23
Chapter 3 7.8K Dec 14,23
Chapter 2 7.9K Dec 14,23
Chapter 1 10.3K Dec 14,23
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